Your property guest guide goes digital

We help rental property owners improve the image of their homes by giving them the ability to easily communicate all the important things with the guests regarding their stay.

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What is "The Stay" and who's it for?

"The Stay" is for property owners who want to improve their guests' experience.

The app gives you the ability to create a customized landing page (we call it a "guide") for your property which will help you to easily communicate all the important things with your guests regarding their stay.


Here's what your guests will see

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Own, customizable landing page for your property

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Custom wallpaper

Welcome Section

Here you can introduce yourself as a host and give some contact info about the property.

  • Intro
  • Contact details
  • Social links
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Template by Previewable

Description of your property

Tell the guests what they should know about your property.

  • House rules
  • Notes
  • Wi-fi details

Places Section

Add some nearby places (sightseeings, restaurants, cafes, museums, etc.) and save some time for your guests.

  • List as many places as you want
  • Filter places by type
  • Open in Google Maps with a single click
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Template by Previewable

Contacts Section

Here you can list important contacts the guests can use.

  • List as many contacts as you want
  • Call the contact
  • Email the contact

QR Code

Just download it and mount it in your property once (property edits do not change the QR code).

  • Easily share your guide with the guests
  • Ultra-fast scanning
  • Unlimited scans


Improve guests' stay


Make your guests feel special by giving them more detailed info about your property.

Online presence


Take your property's online presence to the next level with a customized landing page.

Reduce expenses


Let us store everything about your property in one single digital place instead of you manually taking care of all the paper every time you make a single change in your guide

Boost branding


Attract more guests by making a cool landing page for your property and easily share it with them.

Create partnerships with local businesses


We're working on analytics related features that could help you get a better insight about what restaurants, cafes, etc. (suggested by you) your guests are checking. By having this info, you could easily build stronger partnerships with local businesses.

Save time


Reducing expenses and saving time go hand in hand. Stop wasting time on printing new guides for every single change in your guest guide. Make as many changes as you want in our platform. The QR code in your property stays the same.

How it works

It's easier than you think

  • 1

    Create an account and start for free

  • 2

    Create a new property

  • 3

    Share your property's page by either using a link or a QR Code

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